COVID Related Information and Resources

Below are links to COVID related items and information provided by the district.  We are hopeful to make this information readily available and well organized for you to access it.  

The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority.  We are charged with managing that overwhelming task and continuing to provide our kids with a high quality public education.  

Please know that none of the decisions or changes you see here were made in haste.  We have labored over how to provide options that fit the needs of all while keeping everyone safe and providing our students a quality education.  


Plan for On-Campus Activities and Instruction 

to Include Practices to Prevent Spread Inside the School

Parents have the option of the setting in which their student will be educated for 2020-21.  Details on each of those are found here.  These details are provided to help you know what to expect for your child and to give you the information you need as a parent/guardian to make an appropriate and informed decision for your child.  

Below you will find a description of In Person Learning.  Listed are changes to procedures and activities that will occur when your student comes to school in person on Wednesday, August 19.  We hope this information assures you that we are actively working to keep kids safe and stop the spread of most communicable diseases, including COVID.  As you can imagine, we prefer to have your children in the In Person setting.  For In Person learning, please make sure you have completed registration through Parent Portal online and for now, we won't need any additional information.

General Guidelines for In Person Learning Found Here

If you are considering Remote Learning, please read the "School Commitment Form for Remote Learning for 2020-2021" document carefully.  It provides details about Remote Instruction.  Please also understand that Remote Learning for 20-21 will not look anything like what was provided last spring.  The guidelines and requirements are much stricter and stringent for both students and teachers to follow.  If you choose Remote Learning, we require you sign the "School Commitment Form for Remote Learning for 2020-2021" and email it to your child's school.  Email addresses are included on the form itself.  Once we receive this form, understand the commitment to Remote Learning is for a minimum 3 week grading period and we will be scheduling a Remote Learning Training for you and your child.

Explanation of Remote Learning Including School Commitment Form for Remote Learning for 2020-2021 Found Here

If you have questions or need additional information,  please feel free to contact your child's campus.  

MES, grades PK-5th at 254-435-2731

MHS, grades 6th-12th at 254-435-2723

I am also available at 254-435-2081

Bus/Transportation Procedures

(Added 7-31-2020) 

Meridian ISD plans to have regular bus routes for the 2020-21 school year. To help us distance students on buses, we are asking that you transport your students to and from school when possible. Simply put, fewer students on the bus allows more space to distance student riders. As always, I ask that you communicate transportation to your child's campus.

If your child will be riding the bus or other school transportation, we need to make you aware of some new procedures we are implementing. The most notable of those will be temperature scanning to allow entrance on morning routes. If a student has a temperature at 100.5 or higher, they will NOT be allowed to ride the bus. It is extremely important that young children not be left alone at a bus stop as they won’t be able to be transported on the bus. Parents of students who cannot ride the bus will be contacted.  Additional to that, ALL students must wear a face covering while on the bus. 

A link to the “MERIDIAN ISD, DISTRICT TRANSPORTATION RULES AND REGULATIONS” is located below.  Please review this document as it contains much more detailed information than I have explained above. This document will be sent home with your child to be signed and returned with other beginning of the year paperwork. 

MISD Transportation Policy with additional guidelines related to COVID Found Here

Practices to Prevent the Virus from Entering the School 

(Added 8-6-2020)

Everyone entering campus including schools, gyms, stadiums and buses will be subject to a COVID screening to include a temperature scan, .  Parents must ensure they do not send a child to campus if the child has COVID symptoms (as listed below in the COVID checklist) or is lab-confirmed with COVID.  Families in those instances should opt to receive remote instruction until re-entry criteria is met.  TEA is allowing any student who is ill or stays home with symptoms to have the opportunity to be counted present and receive instruction remotely.  In these instances, please notify your child's campus principal.

COVID Symptoms Checklist

Practices to Respond to a Lab Confirmed Case

(Added 8-6-2020)

While we are ever hopeful that none of our staff or students contract COVID, we feel it is necessary to have a plan in place to respond to such an occurrence.  Here you will find a flowchart that we will use to guide us in our reactions to a confirmed cases of COVID among staff and students.  This flowchart describes return to school/work criteria as well as how we will make decision regarding "close contact".  A confirmed case at school requires many extra measures on our part including determination of "close contact", disinfecting and "contact tracing" just to name a few.  With that being said, a confirmed case of COVID does not necessarily mean a school closure.  That decision will be made on a case by case basis to include all of the variables in that situation.

As you review the Flowchart, please note:students or staff who have a positive test or have symptoms should not be at school; however, there may be a time when an individual is at school and receives a positive test result.  This flowchart is set up to follow many different scenarios and to prepare us to know appropriate actions to take.

MISD Flowchart for Reacting to a Lab Confirmed COVID Case

Educational Rights and Responsibilities During COVID

(Added 8-14-2020)

English Version

Spanish Version

Meridian ISD Asynchronous Plan

(Added 9-29-2020)

Meridian ISD Asynchronous Learning Model

(Added 10-29-2020)

Updated Covid Flowchart

Updated Flowchart, Close Contact further defined, 11-6-2020

Updated Flowchart, 11-6-2020

11-6-2020, Returning Students to Face to Face Instruction who have not been successful with Remote Learning

Forms for Returning Students to Face to Face Instruction

12-3-2020, Updated Covid Flowchart, guidelines for close contact lessened

Updated Covid Flowchart, 12-3-2020

Thank you!

Mrs. Edwards