November 18, 2019

Board discussed and approved a resolution to explore the opportunity to become a District of Innovation. 

December 16, 2019

Board held a public hearing to consider developing an innovation plan

Board appointed the District of Innovation Committee

Committee members are:

Kristi Kinney, Jaime Leinhauser, Kelly Lauderdale, Alicia Reed, Christy Coverdale, Leann Wilkins, Wendy Cummings, Leisha Martin, Kim Koonsman, Nansy Reiss, Colby Blackwell, Kim Edwards Jeff White, Johnnie Hauerland, Pam Knowles, Jena Bridgefarmer, Kyle Hood and Sharla Rowland. 

December 18, 2019

DOI committee met for overview and began forming a draft DOI plan.

January 8, 2020 

District of Innovation Committee meets to develop local innovation plan.

January 16, 2020 

DOI Committee considers the final version of the proposed plan and holds public

meeting, passes plan by majority vote

January 23, 2020 

Board votes to pursue DOI

District of Innovation Plan posted to district website. (Must be on website for 30 days)

Proposed DOI Plan and additional documents

January 29, 2020 

Notice of intent to Vote and Plan sent to Commissioner

February 17, 2020 

District of Innovation plan presented to Meridian ISD staff. 

March  2020 Board Meeting

  • Upon completion of above, school board approves final DOI plan by 2/3 vote.
  • District notifies commissioner of approval of the plan along with a list of approved TEC exemptions by completing TEA’s form
  • Meridian ISD is a District of Innovation effective immediately.
  • District sends plan to the Agency within 15 days of adoption.
  • District posts and maintains plan online in prominent location.