Amy Dirkse

Meridian ISD School Nurse

Phone: 254-435-2731/2723 Fax: 254-435-6099/2199



Health Survey

Immunization Awareness

Department of State Health Services

Required Immunizations for Public School Students (English & Spanish)

Immunizations are available at the following locations:

Clifton Medical Clinic Texas Department of Health
201 S. Ave. T 409 Hill S
Clifton, TX 76634 Meridian, TX 76665
254-675-8621 254-435-6331

Please note:

Effective January 1, 2012, children who have private, commercial insurance which covers vaccines are not longer eligible for the Texas Vaccines for Children (TVFC) program. Under prior policy, no child was denied a vaccine in public health department clinics. Under the new policy which is already implemented, privately insured children will need to be referred to their physician and not to a public health department clinic.

A partir del 1 de enero, 2012 los niños que tengan in seguro privado comercial que cubra las vacunas ya no cumplirán con los requisitos del Programa para Niños de Texas (o TVFC). Según la política anterior, no se le negaba a ningún niño ninguna vacuna en las clínicas del departamento de salud pública. Según la política nueva ya implementada, será necesario derivar a los niños asegurados de forma privada a su médico y no a una clínica del departamento de salud pública.