National Honor SocietyMembership in the National Honor Society is based on the following criteria:

(1) cumulative grade point average of 94

(2) leadership

(3) service

(4) character

(5) active member of the MHS UIL Academic Team
(Participation includes attending the minimum number of practice meets required by their teacher and district to state competition should the student advance. If a student is not selected for district competition, their practice meets qualify them as a participant in UIL academic competition.)

Selection Procedure
The Faculty Advisory Council (5 faculty members) selects candidates on the basis of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Students must have attended MHS for at least one full semester in order to be eligible for membership, have a cumulative GPA of 94 or above, currently ranked as a sophomore, junior, or senior and an active member of the MHS Academic Team. Once these requirements have been met, the Council will be given a list of eligible candidates to select using either a "Yes" or "No" vote. If a candidate receives 3 or more "No" votes, they are not eligible for induction that year.

Transfer Members
Transfer members from other NHS chapters may be admitted to the Meridian NHS chapter if they meet the scholarship requirements for our chapter and verification of membership in good standing from their previous school.

Graduation with NHS Honors
In order to graduate with NHS honors (collar, seal on diploma, NHS designation in graduation program, etc.) students must:
(1) Be a member in good standing (meet attendance requirements at meetings, complete required community service, and not be on probation)
(2) Have a cumulative GPA of 94 or above
(3) Be an active member of the MHS Academic Team