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Jaime Leinhauser

Jaime Leinhauser, about 1 hour ago

*Elementary News* Reminder - Please RSVP and send your money for Guest Meals for the Family Feast at Meridian Elementary by tomorrow (Friday, 11/15)

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Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards, about 9 hours ago

Directions on using the newly updated Parent Portal can be found here on the website as a news story.
Please help us by sharing this information.
Thank you!!!

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Kristi Kinney

Kristi Kinney, about 24 hours ago

Congratulations to Mrs. Tracy White for being selected as 95.3 Teacher of the Week!!! She is very deserving of this great honor!!

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Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards, 1 day ago

ESC 12 recently updated our Parent Portal Program. At this time, there are some features that are only available from a desktop and not a personal device (cell phone). We are working with ESC 12 to get that corrected so you can have full access on any device.

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Nov 14

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