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Support Staff Application

Professional Application

Meridian Elementary is seeking an Instructional Paraprofessional.
Provide instructional assistance to students under the direct supervision of a certified teacher and campus principal. Assist in preparing, conducting, and managing classroom activities.

Skills and Expectations: 

  1. Ability to work with children with disabilities 

  2. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions 

  3. Ability to work effectively under the direction of others 

  4. Ability to work cooperatively with others 

  5. Possess strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills

  6. Exhibit patience, flexibility, versatility and a willingness to assume any responsibilities appropriate for the position 

Instructional Support Duties: 

  • Assist in the implementation of Individual Education Plans for the students and monitor their progress

  • Provide support for individual students inside and outside the classroom to enable them to fully participate in activities

  • Help supervise students throughout the day 

  • Keep the supervising teacher informed of special needs or problems of students 

  • Help teacher keep administrative records and prepare required reports

  • Provide instruction to students under the direction of teacher; work with individual students or small groups.

  • Work with other professionals and related services providers

  • Attend and participate in faculty meetings and serve on staff committees as required

  • Assist with other duties as assigned

High School diploma or GED AND Associate's Degree or two years of study (48 hours) at an institute of higher learning

OR  Paraprofessional Institute Certificate 
OR Valid Texas Educational Aide Certificate 


Two years successful experience working with children in an educational setting is preferred 

Email or fax resume, cover letter, application, and supporting documents to:
Jaime Leinhauser, Elementary Principal
Phone:  254-435-2731, Fax: 254-435-6099