Meridian ISD parents and guardians, we had a HS staff member as well as two elementary staff members test positive.  In addition,  late last week we had a student in grades 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 12 test positive.  The bulk of these cases are attributed to family spread.

Additionally, we continue to see cases of strep throat and a few cases of flu.  Unfortunately, this is cold and flu season and in Texas it is coupled with a high allergy season as well.  Please help remind your students to not share drinks and to wash hands frequently. 

As always, if your child is symptomatic please keep them home and notify the school office.  MISD is still providing Covid testing for students that are symptomatic as needed.  

Please note that while the CDC reduced the number of stay at home days for staff to 5, for now the stay at home period for students remains at 10 days.

 If you have additional questions,  please contact your child's school principal.

Stay Safe & Stay Blessed!

Mrs. Edwards